Luke Bryan Brings Little Kid On Stage For Epic ‘Shake It’ Performance

Luke Bryan Brings Little Kid On Stage For Epic ‘Shake It’ Performance | Country Music Videos

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A Luke Bryan concert without him shakin’ his butt is non-existent. That’s why, when fans attend one of his shows, they are prepared with a camera to document all the hip action!

In this case, we’re glad the camera was rolling, because Luke’s interaction with this little kid is absolutely priceless! 

While the background music for “Country Girl Shake It For Me” is playing, Luke talks to the audience, mainly the men in attendance. 

Guys, we are outnumbered about 10 to 1 tonight. If you cannot hook up or go home with a lady tonight, then you are just plain ugly and I cannot help you,” he says with a shrug.

The camera pans to a little kid sitting on his mom’s shoulders, who says to him, “Not my fault!

Before you know it, Luke demands he come onstage so he can show him how to ‘shake it’! Luke finds out his name and asks, “Logan, you got a girlfriend?” When he shakes his head no, Luke says, “Well, you’re fixin’ to!

Luke starts showing Logan some of his signature moves, which Logan picks up really well! The two start to shake it like we’ve never seen before! Luke leads the crowd in chanting “Go Logan! Go Logan!” as Logan dances and “shakes it!”

He did such a good job that Luke invited Logan and his family backstage to meet him and get a few pictures!

Watch the incredible moment below.

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