Dolly Parton Reveals What She Hates About Tabloids

Dolly Parton Reveals What She Hates About Tabloids | Country Music Videos


During an interview, one of country’s reigning legends opens up about what she dislikes about the media…

As special guest on a recent episode of The Talk, the five hosts discuss Dolly Parton‘s new movie, her childhood, her career, and bad publicity.

One of the hosts, Sarah Gilbert, brings up the topic of tabloids and crazy headlines to Parton. “Over the years, like everybody in this industry – the tabloids have written tons of things about you. So, what’s the craziest you’ve ever read?”

Parton smartly replied, “Oh my goodness. Well, of course they have me teamed up with anybody I’ve ever worked with! [That] I’m having a romance….some of them I did…Maybe!” 

To that the audience and the hosts erupted in fits of laughter and girlish gushing about the hunky guys Parton teamed up with back in her film heyday! The excitement was enough to knock the conversation off track. Once the group had collected themselves, Parton opened up about what she hates about the media. 

“Well, actually I hate it when they just say stuff! Well recently, for one thing, they said I was dying with stomach cancer. But it’s not true! Certainly I don’t have it now.

It hurts me most that they talk about things and really get people all tore up. Especially your family. Or if they drag other people into it. But, they say all kinds of stuff!”

Parton makes a good point and one that most anyone in the public eye is familiar with. The interview goes on to discuss some famous partnerships she had or didn’t have and the various circumstances surround that. 

It’s an absolutely precious moment with Dolly Parton and a great time for her to promote her latest project: a TV-movie called “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors” based on her 1971 country hit of the same name! 

Check out the full interview in the video below! 

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