Johnny Cash Gives Joan Rivers A Lesson On Raccoon Hunting

Johnny Cash Gives Joan Rivers A Lesson On Raccoon Hunting | Country Music Videos



1985 found Johnny Cash at a lull in his career after he was dropped by his record company and had fallen back into a drug habit. During that time, Cash appeared in a number of made for television movies and toured and recorded with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson as The Highwaymen. The Man in Black also published his only novel, Man in White, a book about Saul and his conversion to become the Apostle Paul.

Prior to his book release, Cash appeared on Joan River’s talk show to promote his new book. During the hilarious and sometimes awkward interview, Cash shared that he enjoys going for long walks in the Tennessee wilderness when he wants to get away from it all. He also introduced Rivers to some interesting raccoon hunting facts.

“Did you ever hear about a raccoon hunt?” Cash asked.

“I’ve been once, but I’m from New York and it ruined my heels so I never went again,” Rivers joked.

Cash goes on to explain that he and his friends will take their registered coon hound, Molly, into the woods . “Four or five of us will go on this coon hunt and we’ll send the dogs off and they’ll start trailing…they have a good sense of smell. They’ll trail the raccoons and we’ll stand around the fire and lie and tell stories and wait until the dogs tree the raccoon.” Johnny continues by demonstrating the different sounds the hound makes when it’s trailing or treeing a raccoon. “When the dogs got one up a tree, we all stand up and pee on the fire.”

The Man in Black continues his story by telling Rivers that raccoon hunting is a way of life for many people in the Tennessee mountains, even sharing that he enjoys eating raccoon. “You bake it in an oven with sweet potatoes and whole bunch of sauces. It’s really delicious. It’s really good!”

Watch Johnny Cash’s full interview with Joan Rivers from 1985 in the video below.

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