Find Out Which Actors Were Picked To Play George Jones & Tammy Wynette In Upcoming Film

Find Out Which Actors Were Picked To Play George Jones & Tammy Wynette In Upcoming Film | Country Music Videos

George Jones and Tammy Wynette are regarded as one of the most iconic couples in country music history, performing a number of hit duets together such as “Golden Ring.”

However, Jones and Wynette’s relationship had its ups and downs, and the couple divorced in 1975. They still managed to remain friends, and even recorded a duet album together in 1995.

There was no shortage of drama and conflict in Jones and Wynette’s lives, making their story a good fit for a country music biopic. Other films about classic country singers have been popular in the past, including Coal Miner’s Daughter about Loretta Lynn and Ring of Fire about Johnny Cash.

As it turns out, someone realized that Jones and Wynette’s story should make its way to the big screen. The lead actors in the film were recently announced on an episode of Conan.

Actor Josh Brolin, known for his roles in No Country For Old Men and True Grit, revealed to Conan during his appearance on the show that he has been selected to play Jones in an upcoming film about him and Wynette. 

Brolin also shared who has been selected to play Wynette in the film, The Help star Jessica Chastain.

She’s amazing… It’s gonna be a lot of fun,” Brolin said.

Brolin has been studying Jones in order to get into character, and has learned a great deal about some of his characteristics and quirks:

“He talked like a duck for three years. He refused to speak in anything but duck voice for three years. The only time he came out of duck voice was to do another number one hit for that year, so whenever he would sing it would be a number one hit and then he’d go and have a drink and speak in duck voice.”

Other than the few details Brolin offered, nothing else is known about the film. But Brolin has peaked our interest, and we’re looking forward to hearing more details in the future.

Since Jones and Wynette’s relationship was built on their music, we’re sure the new film about them will include some reenactments of their memorable songs and performances. Tune in below to watch one such performance, when the couple sang their hit song “We’re Gonna Hold On.”

Who else is looking forward to the film about Jones and Wynette?

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