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Kid Rock Reveals His Greatest Heroes, And You'll Applaud Him For What He Says!

Kid rock Songs | Kid Rock Reveals His Greatest Heroes, And You'll Applaud Him For What He Says! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: MGN via WILX 10

Everyone has someone they consider to be their hero, with many people young and old looking up to certain country stars as their heroes. But as it turns out, even celebrities have heroes of their own, with many often looking up to other artists or people in the business. 

Kid Rock also has his own share of people he considers to be his heroes. However, when Rock was asked to name who his heroes are in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he didn't mention any other musical artist or celebrity.

Rather, he named the most American-sounding list of heroes you could ever imagine:

"Jesus. George Washington. And anybody that's had the balls to go and fight for this country. And hardworking people that come from not having a lot, that keep a strong family and pull themselves up from their bootstraps and make something of themselves in life, you know? Those are heroes to me."

Rock himself is considered as a hero to many, after he left behind his small town life in Michigan to pursue his music career. Since then Rock has gone on to have a successful career in multiple genres, and is ranked as one of the Top 100 best-selling music artists in the U.S. of all time.

When it comes to his success, Rock credits it to his work ethic, which he believes he developed due to his experience growing up in the Detroit area.

"Knowing how to get back up when being kicked down.
 I went through a lot of that in my history," he said. "Everything that I went through to get
 the success I have, I think a lot
 of that has to do with Detroit.

But one of the greatest indications of Rock's success can be seen through his son, Robert Ritchie Jr., and his new granddaughter.

"My son graduated college and he has a job. That alone, as a parent, is such a relief..." said Rock. "Now I have a beautiful granddaughter, on top of it? It's pretty crazy."

One of the songs that helped contribute to Rock's immense success is his number one hit "All Summer Long," which you can listen to below.

What do you think of what Rock had to say about the people he considers to be his heroes?  

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