5 Buddies Take Their Marksmanship To A CRAZY New Level

5 Buddies Take Their Marksmanship To A CRAZY New Level | Country Music Videos

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We know what you’re thinking, there’s no way they’re this good!

But, it’s true. These five friends, better known to the YouTube community as Dude Perfect, are good at everything, including marksmanship.

In one of their latest trick shot videos, Cody, Coby, Cory, Tyler, and Garrett put their shooting skills to the test!

They performed all of the tricks under professional supervision in a controlled environment and were trained for the making of the video.

One of the crazier trick shots they do is called “Splitting the Bullet“. Tyler stood at a good distance away from not one, but two targets. They placed an axe in between the targets and he shot at the axe, which split the bullet in half so he could hit both the water bottle targets. It’s insane!

Other crazy trick shots include Cory holding a handgun upside down and shooting a target, Tyler shooting through a door and hitting a target, and hitting a target from a half mile away.

Coby, Cory, and Cody faced off against Tyler in a “Big Boom Battle” where they had to hit three targets from a considerable distance away. 3 vs. 1 can’t be fair, right? Wrong!

It’s clear that Tyler is the most skilled, but the other guys definitely show off their skills too! Tyler won the “Big Boom Battle” and even shows off some whip skills!

Check out the full video below!

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