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Duck Dynasty Kids Get In BIG Trouble, And You'll Never Believe Their Punishment!

Jessica robertson Songs | Duck Dynasty Kids Get In BIG Trouble, And You'll Never Believe Their Punishment! | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: A&E's YouTube Account

Jep and Jessica Robertson don't mess around.

In an episode of Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty, their 4 eldest children, Lily, Priscilla, Merrit, and River, get in some big trouble and have to pay the price.

The kids used their dad's new blender, after he told them never to use it without his supervision, to make a smoothie full of soda, chocolate, cookies, and candy.

They filled the blender way too much and made a complete mess. Jep and Jessica walked into a chocolate-covered kitchen and were not happy about it!

River must have known they would be in big trouble because he hid in the pantry when his mom and dad walked in the kitchen!


Not only did these Robertson kids have to clean up their mess, they were told there would be another punishment. Jep and Jessica consulted with each other and ultimately decided to have them do some hard labor - at Uncle Si's house.

Uncle Si put them to work! He had them scrub toilets with toothbrushes, pick up his cat's poop, give his cat a bath, and rake the leaves in his huge yard.

Did we mention that once the kids were almost done with the leaves, he would take his leaf blower and make an even bigger mess? He definitely was not going easy on his "Private Maggots"!

In the end, we all know that Uncle Si loves his great nieces and nephews, but he also knows how to run a hard ship!

Watch their punishment below!

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