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Sadie Robertson Fights Back Tears Recalling Experience That Strengthened Her Bond With God

Sadie Robertson Fights Back Tears Recalling Experience That Strengthened Her Bond With God | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Sadie Robertson's YouTube Account

Believe it or not, Sadie Robertson is a shy person. At least, she was.

As a child, she was very insecure and struggled with her self-confidence. It wasn't until she read a verse from the bible that helped her push through those difficult times.

"In eighth grade, I remember reading a verse, and it said 'Do not forget the confident trust you have in the Lord," she said in a video posted to her YouTube channel. 

While she didn't completely overcome her insecurities right away, she finally realized she was looking at everything the wrong way.

"If you try to find confidence in who you are, as a human, you're not gonna find it," she explains. "You have to find it in God."

For her, nothing really changed until she got a call from Dancing with the Stars.

"The day I got a call from Dancing with the Stars was the least confident days I've ever been in my life," she admits. 

She began to worry about how she doesn't know how to dance, the large live audience, the millions more watching at home. She even worried if she would lose friends since she would be gone for so long.

She took her younger sister, Bella, out to lunch and she had a very important question. Bella asked, "Is this the fear talking? Or is this Sadie talking?"

That served as an eye-opening moment for Sadie, who as we all know, placed second on the show. 

"It was me trying to be confident in myself, and me trying to do that, I just became less and less and less confident," she says.

She also thought back to that verse she read in eighth grade, and told God, "I'm gonna trust you on this one. I'm gonna go on this show to grow my confidence in you."

Once she started rehearsals and it was time to perform her first dance on the show, she took a moment to thank the man upstairs. 

Breaking down, she says, "I remember saying to God 'Thank God for getting me here. May your light shine, God. This isn't about me, I'm confident in you."

Her journey on DWTS was much longer than she expected and she did an amazing job representing her family, community, and faith.

 Watch her entire video message below.

And watch her Dancing with the Stars debut below!

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