Martina McBride Shares Surprising Details About Her Past

Martina McBride Shares Surprising Details About Her Past | Country Music Videos

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It’s been 24 years since Martina McBride made her country music radio debut, and a lot has changed for the singer since then. Not only is she now a mother of three girls, but she has grown more comfortable sharing details of her life prior to becoming a country music star.

In a series of recent interviews promoting her latest single, “Reckless”, McBride shared that she was once “reckless”, a detail that may surprise many of her fans. 

“When I first heard it, it took me back to when I first met my husband. I was 20 years old, which I’ve got daughters about that age now. It doesn’t seem like I was ever their age, but I was 20 once and I was singing in clubs five nights a week until like three in the morning,” McBride told PEOPLE. “I was partying and making some questionable life choices – nothing that landed me in jail or anything – but just being a kid.”

When Martina first met John, she was singing in a local, Kansas-based band, and he was a studio engineer who would go on to work for Garth Brooks and help kick-start Martina’s career.

“I met John and he was a little bit older than me and was already established in his career as a sound engineer. He just saw through all of the reckless kid in me and really saw who I was as a person and helped me shape that. When I heard this song, it took me back to the first year or so of our relationship and all of that. It’s definitely a personal song to me.”

While time and experience have given Martina more wisdom, she admits that being reckless isn’t all bad. 

“There’s a lot of different kinds of reckless – it’s taking chances, it’s being daring, it’s doing the unexpected – I think it can have a positive connotation.

“It’s what keeps us human. Nobody wants to be perfect all the time. Everybody wants to feel like they have a little bit of recklessness in them – otherwise it’s boring!”

The “Independence Day” singer is working on a full album of original songs slated for release later this year. Hear Martina McBride sing “Reckless” below. 

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