After Several Months, Rory Feek Provides Update On Indy’s Health

After Several Months, Rory Feek Provides Update On Indy’s Health | Country Music Videos

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It didn’t take long at all for the world to fall in love with Joey + Rory‘s sweet daughter, Indy. Now three years old, Indy continues to brighten the days of those who follow her parents’ social media accounts. 

Since Joey passed away, Rory has continued to update fans on how Indy is doing. These updates often come through the form of photos and videos, which show how fast Indy is growing and how much progress she is making when it comes to walking and talking.

Rory also keeps his followers clued in on the state of Indy’s health. In addition to being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Indy also has a hole in her heart, and has to go to the doctor for regular checkups to monitor it.

Back in April, Rory shared a photo from one of Indy’s heart checkups along with some happy news. They learned during that appointment that the hole in Indy’s heart was closing!

A few months later, Indy had a bit of a health scare when she had to be taken to the hospital during a family trip to the mountains in Montana and Wyoming. As they were driving through Yellowstone, Rory noticed that Indy was having trouble breathing. Rory called her doctor back home, who said it was possible she had pneumonia.

The doctor’s intuition was right, as Indy was diagnosed with pneumonia once Rory took her to the hospital. After taking some antibiotics and getting some rest, Indy was feeling much better within a few days.

Since then, Indy has been growing and thriving thanks to the love of her family, teachers, friends, and therapists. So when it came time for her most recent heart checkup, you could say that Rory’s hopes were high.

As he always does, Rory let his followers know how Indy’s checkup had gone. He also shared a few photos from the appointment, including one that shows Indy grinning at the camera, her face covered in bright-colored stickers.

The checkup brought more good news…the hole in Indy’s heart is continuing to shrink!And she is getting bigger and more beautiful,” Rory wrote.

We’re so happy to hear this news about Indy! We’ll continue to pray for her good health!

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