Bizarre Track Throwdown Costs NASCAR Drivers Thousands

Bizarre Track Throwdown Costs NASCAR Drivers Thousands | Country Music Videos



One of them said he was “ashamed”, but that didn’t do anything to help save him from spending thousands of dollars to make amends. 

Last weekend, John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher wrecked twice into each other during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race, and upon coming to a screeching halt on the second collision, they both exited their trucks and began to fight…but this was no UFC match. 

The twosome grappled, and tried to take each other down with just one of them really trying to throw punches during the scuffle. 

Now, it’s common knowledge that you should NEVER exit the vehicle on the track, and NASCAR imposes serious fines for people who violate that rule, not to mention fighting is strictly forbidden (because this isn’t hockey). 

Gallagher issued a public apology on Monday admitting that he was “ashamed” for his actions, and clearly regretful that he engaged in a bit of fisticuffs on the track. 

Townley’s team withdrew its bid to race in the XFINITY Series this Friday, but Gallagher is still scheduled to compete. 

As for the two young drivers bleeding cash as part of the incident? Well, according to  SB Nation, NASCAR’s governing body has fined Townley $15,000 and Gallagher $12,500, not to mention they might be looking at ways to mend their public image – which could double that figure. 

What do you think of the fines? Are they fair? 

Watch these drivers and their bizarre wrestling match / fight in the video below (complete with commentary from UFC fighters). 

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