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Bluegrass Men Hysterically Sing About Embarrassing 'Itch' They Accidently Gave Santa

Viral content Songs | Bluegrass Men Hysterically Sing About Embarrassing 'Itch' They Accidently Gave Santa | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: moronbrothersKY Youtube

Two bluegrass lovers took to Youtube to not only showcase their incredible musical talent, but to let listeners in on an embarrassing occurrence that took place during a past Christmas! The boys began their perfomance by speaking of the haunting event, saying "I remember one Christmas that wasn't too good. It was pretty louse-y." That discrete pun jump started the performance that not only displayed quality music, but has us rolling in tears!

"I've got a little Christmas story. I'm sorry but it's sad. It'll either break your heart in two or make you scratch your head," the banjo player began to sing. As he begins to explain of a visit that Santa Clause paid to their house one Christmas Eve, he described how the jolly man grew sleepy and decided to have a rest on their couch. 

"He jumped up in a hurry and checked all his reindeer and flew off into the darkness; they were scratching ear to ear," he sings. As we begin to scratch at the creepy crawly question of why Santa was so itchy and uncomfortable, the following lyrics confirm our fears. "Santa Claus don't come to our house anymore, he don't care if we're naughty or nice We're the ones that gave Santa Claus and all his reindeer lice!

Yuck! But the song only gets funnier! The man explains how he pleaded with Santa to revisit the house to drop off the family's gifts, although Santa assured the man he would never step foot inside the dreaded house! He agreed to leave the presents on the lawn, but the family has yet to live down the dramatic and embarrassing experience!

Listen to the song below! We dare you not to scratch your head at this one! 

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