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Bubba J Hysterically Reveals Who He Thinks Will Win The Super Bowl

Jeff dunham Songs | Bubba J Hysterically Reveals Who He Thinks Will Win The Super Bowl | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Jeff Dunham

This time last year, the Broncos and the Panthers were getting ready to battle it out in one of the most-watched sporting events of the year - Super Bowl 50!

One of our favorite parts of football season is the Super Bowl because you get together with all of your closest friends for a riveting game and some good, old fashioned fun! 

Comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham hosted a Super Bowl party at his house last year and invited his closest friends, Walter, Peanut, José the jalapeño on a stick, Achmed the dead terrorist, and our personal favorite, his redneck puppet Bubba J!

They each got to talk about their favorite parts about football and guess who was going to win the big game.

"Football is my second favorite sport," Bubba J told the camera, wearing a football helmet and holding a beer. "After NASCAR and wrestling and bowling and corn hole, you know the ones with the bean bags."

He got a little inappropriate after drinking a little and thought about the names of all the positions.

"Here are some bad terms that I think should be banned from football: tight end, sack, and long snapper," he said with a giggle. He even thinks that he can tell which political party you are in based on your play names.

"It's obvious that Peyton Manning is a Democrat because on every play he yells, 'Obama! Obama! Obama!" referring to when Manning yells, "Omaha" in some of the plays he calls. 

In his finest moment of the video, Bubba J reveals who he thinks will win the game between the Broncos and the Panthers. 

"My Super Bowl pick is the Dodgers!" he says with gusto. After being reminded the Dodgers are a baseball  team, Bubba J responds, "Yeah, they're gonna win!"

Later on, he changes his pick saying, "I pick Budweiser! No Miller!"

It's always hysterical when Bubba J talks sports, especially when he has clearly been drinking! Watch the knee-slapping clip below. 

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