Chris Stapleton Surprises Couple During Their Wedding Reception

Chris Stapleton Surprises Couple During Their Wedding Reception | Country Music Videos


When bride Stephanie Braun was whisked away on the day of her wedding on a golf cart, she had no idea what to think. Was she being kidnapped? Was she being Punk’d? The answer is probably the absolute last thing she would have ever guessed.

Officer Ryan Braun got engaged last year and the the couple settled on August 27 as their wedding date, the same day as the Chris Stapleton concert in their town of Cininattati, Ohio. The couple, Stapleton super fans, were devastated when they heard news the he was to perform the day of their wedding because they would be unable to attend, or so they thought.

After the best friend of Officer Braun’s mother reached out to the local country music station the stars began to align for the creation of the ultimate wedding gift. After the newlyweds danced their first dance, Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”, the pair were whisked away onto golf carts next door to where their reception was being held and on over to Riverbend Music Center where Stapleton was performing. 

“I thought I was being kidnapped!” shares bride Stephanie. “I was trying to figure out what was going on and I was clueless. We walked in and I looked over and I saw this burly tall man and I looked a little closer and I was like ‘That’s Chris Stapleton!'”

The bride became overcome with emotion when she realized what was happening. Chris gave the couple a signed guitar and even took a few photos with the newlyweds before they were rushed back to their reception. 

That will be a hard wedding gift to beat! You can listen to the bride’s full recap of the incident below!

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