Classic Singer ‘Cajun Hank Williams’ Dead At 85

Classic Singer ‘Cajun Hank Williams’ Dead At 85 | Country Music Videos

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Known for his hit single,“The Back Door”, inspired by Hank Williams this unique and treasured Southern musician had grown to be quite a name in Cajun music – and even became an ambassador for Cajun culture. 

D.L. Menard, who grew up fully in Cajun farming culture, first met Hank Williams in 1951 just before his untimely death. Williams was often credited as being one of the greatest influences in Menard’s music – and his hit, “The Back Door” was born from this inspiration. 

Mendard’s “The Back Door”, was originally penned in Cajun French but used English phonetics. That was how he grew up speaking, too – but back in his schooling days teachers would paddle kids for using that dialect at school and it was frowned upon. The song is an upbeat tune that talks about a man who gets so drunk he has to sneak back into his house through the back door. 

His success with “The Back Door” helped catapult him to the heights of Cajun culture and easily earned him a spot as one of the forefront examples and ambassadors for Cajun music. The U.S. State Department even took Menard on tours of dozens of countries as an example of Southern Cajun music and culture. 

His last public performance was on July 2nd in his hometown of Erath, Lousiana and celebrated the 55th anniversary of his hit song. Menard passed away peacefully on Thursday, July 27th at his home in Scott, Louisiana. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Menard’s family, friends, and fans during this difficult time. 

Watch this incredible performer and musician playing his hit song, “The Back Door” in the video below.  

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