Country Singer Hospitalized With Extremely Rare Disease

Country Singer Hospitalized With Extremely Rare Disease | Country Music Videos

Bruce Robison / Facebook


The beloved singer/songwriter known for unforgettable hits like “Travelin’ Soldier” and George Strait’s “Wrapped” has recently been hospitalized with an infection that turned scary and serious over the course of just a couple weeks. 

Having penned the Dixie Chicks’ “Travelin’ Soldier”, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Angry All the Time”, and Strait’s “Wrapped” as some of his most notable work, country music singer and songwriter Bruce Robison has definitely made a great impact on the world of music. 

Sadly, in recent social media posts from both the band, his wife, and his sister, it has been revealed that Robison has been hospitalized with what was first thought to be pneumonia – however, now they’ve discovered it’s much more serious. 

About two weeks ago, his wife, fellow singer/songwriter Kelly Willis, shared on Facebook that she had been struggling to get her husband’s fever to go away for nearly a full week. 

And just a couple days following that, Robison was hospitalized with what his team said was pneumonia. In a Facebook post on his official page, they wrote that he “officially has pneumonia. The ‘lay you up in a hospital’ variety.” They continued to write that the band would be rescheduling a couple show dates as a result.

Now, in a scary and heartbreaking post by his accomplished singer/songwriter sister, Robyn Ludwick, she reveals that Robison has contracted typhus – a disease rarely ever seen in the United States.

The disease, also known as ‘typhus fever’, is the name used for a couple different infectious diseases that manifest in the same symptoms. It’s usually caused by bacterial infections and humans can be infected in a variety of ways – sometimes through insects like lice, fleas, and chiggers. Symptoms are usually flu-like in the beginning, with a terrible rash then taking over the body and moves into causing mental issues and even coma. Untreated, the disease is most often fatal.

Ludwick penned a heartfelt statement explaining her brother’s current condition, and asking for folks to keep sending him good vibes. 

Our hearts and prayers are with Robison and his family as they work toward a recovery from this terrifying disease. 

Watch his performance of his iconic hit, “Travelin’ Soldier” with wife Kelly Willis and Natalie Maines below. 

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