Dale Jr. Announces Details On Recovery & Rehab

Dale Jr. Announces Details On Recovery & Rehab | Country Music Videos



Missing out on some of the most important races in the season, this racing icon is not letting a head injury stand in his way if he can help it! 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was sidelined from racing after a crash left him with disorienting and alarming symptoms of a “concussion-like” injury. The doctors did not clear him to race and have since been monitoring his state of recovery very closely. 

After a press conference detailing his commitment to get back out on the track, Dale Jr. recently shared some videos of the exercises doctors are having him go through every day to strengthen his brain and help him recover from the sustained head trauma. 



While he has to go through various sight exercises and brain teasers, some of the rehab activities are a little bizarre and stuff we’ve never seen before. 

The doctors also told him he had to play basketball – which he’s obviously loving! 


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Several exercises require him to read sight charts while shaking or rotating his head at a rapid pace, others have him quickly turning while he does step-ups and such, but the oddest involves a dark room and a disco ball. 

“Dark room, disco light, and walking backward and forward moving your head left and right,” he writes about the video, adding that there are multiple other exercises he also does inside the disco ball environment. 



What do y’all think of Dale Jr.’s routine? 

We are hoping and praying for him to have a quick recovery and can’t wait to see him back out on the track!

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