Dale Jr. Rescues Police From Winter Storm

Dale Jr. Rescues Police From Winter Storm | Country Music Videos

Twitter/Dale Jr., Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

The longtime NASCAR driver and fan-favorite sports personality explained a situation involving the police that happened just shortly after hitting a pine tree with his pickup.

On his way down the road, Dale Earnhardt Jr. revealed that he had stopped to help a few folks who had found themselves in a bit of a pickle with the sudden onset of a wet winter weather. He used his pickup truck to help pull a few cars out, but soon found himself the victim of icy roads when he hit a pine tree headfirst.




Thankfully, nobody in any of the accidents was hurt, but as it turns out – Dale Jr. did end up in a very interesting situation with a police officer.

Speaking about his “incident” with the pine tree after helping the folks in the above photo, Dale Jr. explained how he wound up rescuing a police officer on his way home. All in a day’s work for NASCAR’s 15-time favorite driver, right?

“After my pine tree incident, was driving home and came up on a police car sideways near the ditch,” he wrote on Twitter. “Me and 3 other strangers pushed him to safety. No photo evidence. Him being a cop and all, it didn’t feel right exposing his quagmire.”



Sounds like his snow day was event-filled and quite busy for this retired race car driver! Luckily all the incidents were minor and everyone was able to make it home safely – with the officer able to continue helping other citizens!

What do you think of Dale Jr.’s snow day out? Let us know in the comments.

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