Darci Lynne Treats Sports Fans To Delightful Puppet Performance & Two Magical Songs

Darci Lynne Treats Sports Fans To Delightful Puppet Performance & Two Magical Songs | Country Music Videos

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Ever since she won America’s Got Talent, 13-year-old ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer has maintained a jam-packed schedule. She has performed for various events and shows all over the country, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a game at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma. 

As an Oklahoma native, Taft Stadium isn’t the only athletic venue that Darci has visited in the state. On October 19, she stopped by the Chesapeake Energy Arena to perform during halftime at the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team’s season opener.

Darci treated the Thunder fans to a delightful performance featuring two of her puppets: Petunia the rabbit and Oscar the mouse. She opened her performance with Petunia, who talked about how tall the basketball players are in comparison to her and Darci.

After that, Petunia moved into a magical performance of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime.” This seems to be Petunia’s go-to piece, as we’ve heard her perform it on a number of occasions. It’s always mesmerizing to listen to!

The best part of the “Summertime” performance is when Darci jumps in to sing with her own voice. She manages to get a few words in before Petunia interrupts her and reclaims her place in the spotlight.

That performance alone would have been amazing enough, but it got even better once Darci introduced Oscar to the crowd. The adorable mouse appeared nervous at first, but it wasn’t because he had stage fright. He was actually confused about what he was there for, and thought he was going to be forced to play basketball!

Once Darci got him straightened out, Oscar broke out into a passionate rendition of  Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You.” The crowd was particularly impressed by that performance, and gave Oscar and Darci a standing ovation once they finished.

You’re sure to be equally entertained once you watch Darci perform in the clip below. That little gal has a whole bunch of talent!

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