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Dick Clark Productions Accused Of Sabotage After Mariah Carey's Disastrous New Years Eve Performance

Dick Clark Productions Accused Of Sabotage After Mariah Carey's Disastrous New Years Eve Performance | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: ABC

Things are getting nasty between Mariah Carey's camp and Dick Clark Productions after Carey's disastrous New Years Eve performance during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve aired live on ABC. Representatives for the pop diva are accusing Dick Clark Productions of intentionally sabotaging the singer's performance "so they could get Mariah drama." 

Mariah Carey's team spoke to TMZ following the performance that has now gone viral. 

"...Mariah and her team went to the production trailer and complained to Dick Clark execs her inner ears weren't working [prior to the live performance].  Mariah sources say they were told her inner ears would be on a different frequency when she hit the stage and there would be no problem.

Fast forward to 6 minutes before her performance.  Mariah was in the holding tent for last minute makeup, and she was alarmed, telling the production team she could barely hear anything.  Mariah sources say they were assured the tent muffled the sound, and it would be fine on stage.

Mariah was suspicious and got on stage 4 minutes early to test things out, and she couldn't hear anything in her inner ear.  She and her team say they complained repeatedly, but nothing was done."

Carey's team also claims that when she got on stage the prompter wasn't working. The prompter would have shown Carey the lyrics as they appear on the song and also included stage cues. 

As the singer took the stage and attempted to lip-sync to a prerecorded track for her hit song "Emotions," she obviously couldn't hear herself. She grew more and more frustrated, eventually asking the audience sing as she paced the stage. 

"I'm trying to be a good sport here," she said. "That was ... amazing."

As her next track started to play she lowered the microphone from her mouth as the music, and vocals, kept playing.

"Unfortunately there was nothing she could do to continue with the performance given the circumstances," Carey spokeswoman Nicole Perna said Sunday.

Dick Clark Productions claims that Carey should have been able to hear the music even without an earpiece, and that the singer chose not to do a pre-performance sound check. They also called the sabotage claim "silly" and said that Mariah changed her initial story that the track was wrong. 

Regardless of whose fault it was, the singer handled the situation in true Mariah Carey style with the following tweet: 

See the performance that everyone's talking about in the video below.
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