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Dolly Parton Spills The Beans On New Movie

Dolly parton Songs | Dolly Parton Spills The Beans On New Movie | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: This Morning / YouTube

Country superstar Dolly Parton has become known for the detailed stories she tells through her songs. Some are fictional, while others are based on real-life people and experiences. 

One of the songs closest to Parton's heart is "Coat of Many Colors." The tune tells the tale of a coat that Parton's mother sewed for her out of multi-colored rags, and how she felt rich whenever she wore it. 

"Coat of Many Colors" later served as the source of inspiration for the 2015 television film of the same title. The film debuted on NBC, and was a huge hit with viewers. Its popularity led to the creation of a sequel, Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love, which debuted in 2016. Like its predecessor, Christmas of Many Colors drew in millions of viewers.

But the story in "Coat of Many Colors" isn't the only one that Parton wants to turn into a television movie. During an interview with Rolling Stone in May 2016, Parton confirmed that she has signed a multi-movie deal with NBC, and she knows exactly which songs she'd like to be part of that deal.

One of those songs is "Jolene," which Parton famously wrote about a bank teller who was interested in her husband, Carl Dean. The tale of the would-be husband-stealer has captivated listeners for decades, and would surely intrigue television viewers as well. 

Parton is aware of the allure that can be found in "Jolene," which is why she made the plans to turn it into her next movie with NBC. Updates on the movie's status have been few and far between, with Parton telling Rolling Stone during her May 2016 interview that the script had just been approved at that point.

A few months later, Parton spoke about the movie once again during another interview with Rolling Stone. She addressed how it won't be as family friendly as her Coat of Many Colors movies, but said it has to be that way in order to stay true to the character of "Jolene."

"I can't worry about what people think," she said. She then went on to add, "I can't hold back on who Jolene is."

We haven't heard much about the Jolene movie since then, leaving many to wonder if the project is still in the works. Finally, Parton teased a short status update on the movie during an interview with Parade, which was published on Tuesday (August 15).

When asked if Jolene is currently in development, this is what Parton had to say:

"We are still working on Jolene because we are figuring out how we are going to do that, so that is in development. That is definitely one of the hot irons on the fire. We have other movies that we are doing but Jolene will probably be one of the next things up."

So not only is Jolene one of the next projects we can expect to see from Parton, but she has multiple other movies in the works too! Knowing how good the Coat of Many Colors movies have been, we're sure the other films will be just as great.

For the time being, we'll just have to be patient and wait a little longer for the Jolene movie. Until then, enjoy watching Parton sing the song in the video below.

What are you hoping for from the Jolene movie? Who do you think should be cast as Jolene? We'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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