Duck Dynasty’s Mary Kate Robertson Asks For Your Help

Duck Dynasty’s Mary Kate Robertson Asks For Your Help | Country Music Videos Club Interactive


Mary Kate McEacharn became an official Robertson when she married Korie and Willie’s son, John Luke, on June 27, 2015. Their wedding was filmed and televised during an hour-long Duck Dynasty special, giving the show some its highest ratings ever.

After their wedding and honeymoon in Australia, the newly married couple packed up their stuff in West Monroe, Louisiana, and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to attend Liberty University.

There, they became involved in many different organizations and found lifelong friends through classes and bible study groups. Mary Kate befriended a young girl named Antonia Adams, who, over the last twelve months, has been through the unimaginable.

During her fall semester at Liberty University, Antonia went home for Thanksgiving, where she found out her mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. She went back to school, at the request of her parents and after spending a great Christmas and New Year’s with her family, Antonia returned to school yet again for a few weeks before receiving a phone call that would drastically change her life.

Her mom was admitted to the hospital after passing out due to dehydration and her advanced cancer. Her kidneys were beginning to fail and the oncologist advised the family to stop chemotherapy and “let life take its course”.

Although Antonia wanted to be there for her family during this time, her mother still urged her to finish the semester. 

One week later, her mom’s Hospice nurse called to tell her she should return home to say good-bye to her mother. A few days after she rushed to her mom’s bedside, she passed away.

Shortly after the funeral, Antonia’s father was admitted to the hospital and was treated for “polyps in his colon and small intestine”. Unfortunately, he will have to remain in the hospital for the unforeseen future and the family is left dealing with the unexpected finances of paying the “mortgage, car, insurance, phone, light, gas, food, medical, and home repair payments”.

A close friend started a GoFundMe to help Antonia and her family get through this unthinkable time in their lives. 

Mary Kate shared the page on her Instagram story, telling fans and friend to take a look at the GoFundMe page and donate anything they can, which you can do so here.

(Credit: Instagram/MaryKateRob)

Our prayers go out to Antonio and the rest of her family. 

Listen to a couple Duck Dynasty women, Mia and Missy sing “Amazing Grace” below.

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