Elle King Exposes Her Real Feelings About Dixie Chicks

Elle King Exposes Her Real Feelings About Dixie Chicks | Country Music Videos

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Hot off the heels of one of the biggest controversies in CMA history, duet partner and bluesy rock goddess Elle King opens up about what she thinks of the Dixie Chicks

While not everyone cared that the Dixie Chicks and Beyoncé both performed during the momentous 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards in Nashville earlier this month, many country fans were outright upset and even some outraged that the Country Music Association allowed a non-country act on stage during a night that was heavily billed as an event to remember the history of the genre. 

Following the internet outcry and swarms of attention from various outlets and celebrities, the Dixie Chick’s own Natalie Maines got into the midst of it with some fiery tweets. 

Since that point, the controversy has continued to float across the internet with various reactions, opinons, and views surrounding it. 

Now, in a new video posted to their Facebook page, the Dixie Chicks put Elle King front and center with her video interview for LNTV expressing her bold opinion of the band. 

King, who has been a lifelong country music fan, is most well known as the duet partner to Dierks Bentley on his hit song, “Different For Girls”, and herself is a highly successful performer in the country-rock, blues genre. 

“One night of the tour the power was blown,” the songstress and skilled banjo player began. “And I listened to how the crew spoke to them on stage and how Natalie just – like such a pro – didn’t let it faze her and she didn’t let the audience know that people were talking to her.”

It was instances like this, and the fearless nature of the band that really instilled a great overall impression on King. She says that it has “opened [her] mind so much” to see such powerful women and talented artists take charge of the stage and be unafraid to speak their mind.

“They speak their minds, they don’t back down from anybody, and they’re not afraid of anyone,” she says, adding, “I had no idea how much my face would be melted by how badass they are…They’ll f***ing kick your teeth in.” 

Watch Elle King’s full feelings in the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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