Find Out The SHOCKING Reason Sadie Robertson’s Film Debut, ‘God’s Not Dead 2’, Is Making Headlines

Find Out The SHOCKING Reason Sadie Robertson’s Film Debut, ‘God’s Not Dead 2’, Is Making Headlines | Country Music Videos


The movie God’s Not Dead 2 was released in theaters on April 1, 2016 to rave reviews.

The film, which was made on a $5 million budget has raked in $21.7 million in box office sales so far. With the release of the DVD on August 16, we’re sure that number will be much higher. The first film grossed $60 million following its release in 2014.

God’s Not Dead 2 follows a high school teacher, Grace Wesley, who gets in trouble for referencing a bible verse while answering a student’s question. A student’s mother takes her to court and Wesley must choose to defend her religious beliefs or defend her career.

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson made her film debut in God’s Not Dead 2 as one of Wesley’s students.

The film is now making headlines three months after its debut because of a billboard.

For the last two months, the movie’s distributor and the billboard company Orange Barrel Media, said the billboard has been deemed “needlessly provocative”, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The billboard was set to be on display at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio next week.

It would have featured the film’s star, Melissa Joan Hart, with a quote from the movie, “I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God.”

(Credit: The Hollywood Reporter)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Orange Barrel told Pure Flix, the film’s distributor, they “didn’t like the ‘judged by God’ message, calling it ‘too political’ and ‘way too incendiary.'”

In early discussions of the billboard’s placement, Pure Flix assured Orange Barrel the RNC would not have a problem with the message, especially since former Republican candidate Mike Huckabee makes an appearance in the film.

The GOP has even partnered with Pure Flix for a screening of the movie and a worship service the night before the convention.

Pure Flix is angered by the RNC’s decision to pull their billboard, especially since a billboard featuring the Ronald Reagan quote, “We establish no religion in this country…Church and state are, and must remain, separate,” paid for by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

How do you feel about the Republican National Convention pulling the God’s Not Dead 2 billboard?

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