‘Groping Lawsuit’ Docs Reveal Taylor Swift Is Trying To Suppress Evidence

‘Groping Lawsuit’ Docs Reveal Taylor Swift Is Trying To Suppress Evidence | Country Music Videos

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After filing a suit against the radio DJ for allegedly groping her during an event, the singer is trying to have evidence removed from the case before it reaches a jury. 

According to court documents, former radio DJ David Mueller filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift accusing her security personnel of accosting his girlfriend and himself, verbally abusing them, and getting them banned from her concerts for life – an incident that occurred in 2013.

His lawsuit came shortly after he was fired because Swift’s team accused him of lifting her skirt and “grabb[ing] her bottom” while posing for a photo at a meet-and-greet. Mueller also boldly blames his former supervisor as the culprit of the ‘groping incident’. 

Swift later filed a countersuit against Mueller for the “intentional and unwanted touching”. 

Now, in a new set of documents, it’s being revealed that Swift has asked the court to seal documents – and specifically, photographs related to her claims of groping by the radio host. 

The Denver Post reports that she says the photographs prove she was groped, but the reason she wants the documents and photos sealed is unexpected. According to the report, both Mueller and Swift have asked the court to close access to the documents because they are worried it will taint the jury pool if they get out. 

Mueller and Swift are concerned about one photo in particular and say that it will “be shared for scandalous and prurient interests” in addition to having a negative impact on prospective jurors. The item is named as Exhibit 14 in their case and they are requesting the court suppress the document, only sharing it in a case of extreme need due to its personal and sensitive nature. 

The news outlet also speculates that according to current law, if the judge complies with their request to suppress the photos, and later dismisses the case entirely, the photo will never become public record. 

What do you think about these new requests in this lawsuit? 

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