Hear Trace Adkins Sing Emotional Ballad About Being Saved From Brink Of Death

Hear Trace Adkins Sing Emotional Ballad About Being Saved From Brink Of Death | Country Music Videos



A second chance is something only very few are blessed enough to get and that’s exactly the message of this beautifully powerful ballad. 

Never released as a single, but still a fan-favorite hit, Trace Adkins‘ 2006 album holds one of the best country songs about being granted a second chance by God and making sure you take full advantage of it. 

Originally recorded and released by Brad Cotter, “I Came Here To Live” had such a powerful and impactful message that it’s clear why Adkins wanted to cut it for his album, too! 

Painting a vivid picture, the song covers the life of a young man living a wild and free life, more occupied with finding the next amazing moment than finding God and being grateful for the little things he was blessed with. One night, he was driving way too fast and ended up in a horrific accident, describing his next few moments with crystal clear detail. 

“I reckon I was doing close to 80
When I felt the tire slip out from under me
And I never set out lookin’ for Jesus
So I guess Jesus come lookin’ for me
And He found me upset down in a ditch
Smokin’ gas in my eyes
And He said son you came here to live
You didn’t come here to die”

With that startling close call, the man decides he’s been going about things all wrong and heads straight to church the following Sunday – from that moment on he found himself appreciating all the little things he once took for granted. 

Singing these kind of heartfelt and compelling songs is a talent that comes easily to Adkins and one that he has a true gift for. 

Everyone who listens to this beautiful song about redemption, gratitude, and finding God will surely be inspired. 

Check out Trace Adkins’ rendition of “I Came Here To Live” below! You’ll also see the video for his latest single, “Watered Down.” If you love that song, be sure to support Adkins by downloading a copy of his new album, Something’s Going On by clicking here

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