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Hilarity Ensues When Jessica And Korie Robertson Get Stuck On Broken Scissor Lift

Korie robertson Songs | Hilarity Ensues When Jessica And Korie Robertson Get Stuck On Broken Scissor Lift | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/A&E

During the ten seasons of Duck Dynasty, it has given us plenty of laughs. So much so that the show is counting down the Top 10 Fan Favorite Moments on their YouTube channel and we're not sure how they're going to top No. 8!

Korie Robertson prefaced the clip saying, "I'm not sure what was more traumatic, being stuck up there on that scissor lift, or the smell coming from Godwin."

In this clip, Korie and Jessica need duck decoys to use at the church's carnival, but the problem is, all the duck decoys are on the roof. Being the headstrong women they are, Korie and Jessica are determined to get these decoys without any help from Martin or Godwin.

They get on the scissor lift, drive it outside, and begin to raise it. Jessica wants to see how high the scissor lift will go and all of a sudden, the power goes out! They are way higher than the roof, so there is no way for them to get down!

Martin and Godwin come outside to check on the girls, and in an effort to rescue them, go grab a ladder. Apparently, no one has used this particular ladder in a while because there was a skunk hiding out under it! The guys scared it and it sprayed Godwin all over!

The smell is so bad, the girls can smell it all the way up in their scissor lift! Godwin holds the ladder for Martin to climb on the roof, but the skunk comes back and Godwin bolts out of there, dropping the ladder. Now Martin is stuck, too!

Prepare to laugh your butts off during this hilarious clip from Duck Dynasty

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