“I Just Feel So Lost…”


For those who had been a fan of Elvis’ for decades, he wasn’t just some celebrity to them. He was a part of who they were, and some had so much respect for Elvis that they felt like they knew him themselves. 

Decades after Elvis first rose to stardom, his loyal fans still stood in line, oftentimes for days at a time, just to make sure they got tickets to his show in their hometown. Beverly Hochstedt was one of those people. When it was revealed that Elvis was performing in Baltimore, Beverly sat outside the Civic Center for 40 hours to make sure she got tickets to the show.

After Elvis passed away, Beverly was interviewed by The Washington Post about how his death affected her. The Post wrote that Beverly, who was 31 at the time, sobbed as she spoke:

“Oh, God, what can I say, I just feel so lost, I feel shattered. I feel like I lost a very, very, close, very, dear friend, part of my own family.”

Beverly’s feelings echoed those of thousands of other people around the world. Today, people continue to ask “what if?” What if Elvis had lived a long life? Then, his fans would have no reason to feel lost, and they’d likely have dozens of new songs from him to treasure.

But as we are left here asking “what if?”, we don’t really need those dozens of new songs that Elvis never recorded. All we need are the dozens of songs he did record, and the footage from his many entertaining performances. Footage, like that below of him singing “Lonesome Tonight,” which was the last time he was ever captured singing on film.

There’s a reason Elvis’ legacy lives on today, and it rests within his fans. Those same fans who mourned his death played his music for their children, who later taught their own children about “The King,” and so on. Thanks to the love of his fans, Elvis Presley will never truly die.

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