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An Emotional Journey: Indy Feek Learns How To Crawl

Joey + rory Songs | An Emotional Journey: Indy Feek Learns How To Crawl | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Hickory Films

Joey Feek is smiling down on her daughter right now.

Six months since Joey's passing, her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Indiana, continues to make strides in her development.

Like many of you, we have been following Joey + Rory since back before she was even diagnosed with cancer. Their daughter was just a small baby then and now she is hitting a huge milestone. On Thursday (Aug 11), she learned how to crawl.

This is a huge accomplishment for Indiana, and any child for that matter. Indy was born with Down Syndrome, which causes her developmental skills to be a bit slower than the average child.

Thanks to Rory's blog posts, we have been updated regularly about how they are coping with Joey's passing and finding happiness after she's gone.

He has documented most of Indy's life including her learning sign language, putting her own socks on, and their life on the farm. 

Always equipped with a camera, there was no way Rory was going to miss this monumental moment for his daughter. 

He asked her, "Wanna try and crawl?"

After verbally telling her what to do, Rory gets down on all fours to teach Indy how to crawl. It takes more than a few tries for Indy to get it down, but once she does, she can't be stopped!

With the emotional Chris Brown song "Crawl" played so perfectly in the background, watching Indy crawl brings tears to our eyes. We know Joey is proud of her and is looking down on her baby girl.

Watch the video below.

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