Indy Feek’s Terrifying Emergency Room Visit

Indy Feek’s Terrifying Emergency Room Visit | Country Music Videos

Rory Feek/This Life I Live


Without any cellular coverage, Rory Feek found himself stuck in a bad situation when his baby couldn’t breathe…

Earlier this summer, Rory and two-year-old Indiana were on a trip through Montana and Wyoming when he noticed that she wasn’t breathing normally…and they had no way to call for help. It’s likely that panic set in fairly quickly.

He quickly navigated to the nearest place he could get cell reception, and sent a message to his local doctor back home who is Indy’s primary physician. 

“He immediately called me back and listened to Indy breathe over the phone,” Rory explains in his blog. “He was concerned that she had pneumonia and told us to turn around and drive to the nearest town for medical help.”

Their doctor then helped Rory fix an inhaler up so that her lungs could absorb some albuterol and help her to breathe easier while they were in route to the nearest medical center.

Upon arrival to the emergency room, they discovered that she had a case of pneumonia. Through the incredibly harrowing ordeal, that they endured coming down off the mountain, they got the diagnosis their physician at home provided. 

Luckily, Indy had no complications following her diagnosis and they were able to treat it with some rest and a dose of antibiotics. Several days later, she was fine. 

Rory says that he doesn’t know what he would have done if not for having a family doctor like their dear friend back home. “It wasn’t just more convenient for our family, it was important.”

Watch an adorable video of Indy below. 

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