Jase Robertson Gets Unlikely Person To Fill In For Him At Work

Jase Robertson Gets Unlikely Person To Fill In For Him At Work | Country Music Videos



In this brand-new sneak peek from an upcoming episode of Duck Dynasty, the guys at Duck Commander are in for a huge surprise when Jase doesn’t show up for work.

Actually, that was their second surprise of the day. Their first surprise was seeing Willie head-to-toe in royal blue workout clothes! Apparently, his doctor told him to be more active so Willie rode a bicycle to work.

After razzing him a bit, they notice Jase’s chair is empty and in walks a familiar face, Jase’s eldest son, Reed. Wondering what’s going on, Si asks where Jase is.

“I’m fillin’ in for him. I’m tryin’ to earn extra money,” Reed says.

CEO Willie isn’t too happy about this until the guys form a list of pros for Jase being gone. 

“He’s not nearly as annoying as Jase,” Martin said. 

Willie also noticed that Reed had already made more duck calls than Jase does, so he now sees it as an advantage to having his nephew work for him.

Watch the clip below. 

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