Jase Robertson Reveals His Stance On Gun Control

Jase Robertson Reveals His Stance On Gun Control | Country Music Videos



With everything that has gone on in our country the last week, it’s always interesting to see and hear how celebrities react. Not everyone is going to agree, and that’s okay.

In the wake of last October’s school shooting in Oregon, People magazine asked Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson about his stance on gun control.

The Orlando shootings took place just days ago, which has brought the topic of gun control to the forefront again.

“My first reaction is, I’m real compassionate, even with people that have different views than I have,” Robertson said. “When you see something like this, you realize, ‘Okay, everyone is upset. No one wants this to happen.’ We want this to stop. It’s terrible. It’s excruciating to watch.”

Many people have been calling for gun-free zones, but Robertson sternly says that is not the answer.

[Gun-free zones] are empowering criminals because if they get the gun to that zone, we’re in trouble,” he says.

Robertson explains that in Louisiana, where he and his family live, everyone has a gun and it doesn’t worry him.

“I’m not worried about somebody breaking in my house because people just know we’re armed and dangerous.”

Do you agree with Jase? Let us know in the comments.

Watch his full interview below.

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