Jason Aldean Reveals The Reason Why He Removed His Wedding Ring

Jason Aldean Reveals The Reason Why He Removed His Wedding Ring | Country Music Videos



Jason Aldean hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring lately. But it’s not what you think, Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, are still happily married. 

Although Aldean has removed his wedding band, he’s found something to take its place. As he shared during an interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, he now wears a rubber wedding band called a QALO ring.

So, I basically just took my normal wedding band off, my metal one that I had,” he said. “I put it in a jewelry box, and I just wear these rubber ones now.

Aldean said that the rubber wedding rings are more suitable for his active lifestyle than his metal one. If metal rings get caught on something, the wearer runs the risk of ripping their finger off since the ring won’t break. This is something that comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon almost experienced when he caught his wedding band on a drawer.

It was Fallon’s scary experience that made Aldean think about looking for an alternative wedding band, since he plays softball and golf and is an avid hunter.

If I play softball, or if I play golf or if I’m even scratching my guitar, or if I’m hunting and it gets hung on something instead of ripping my finger off, the rubber ring will just rip,” he said.

The rubber rings are much more affordable than traditional wedding bands, and also come in a variety of colors and styles. If Aldean happens to rip one of the rings, he would easily be able to replace it.

Finding a safe wedding ring to wear was important to Aldean, since he treasures his love with Kerr so much. She recently made an appearance in his new music video for his song “A Little More Summertime,” off of his number one album They Don’t Know

You can watch Aldean’s full interview about his wedding ring in the video below. What do you think, would you try wearing a rubber wedding band?

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