Judge Bans NASCAR Legend From Racing For 12 Months

Judge Bans NASCAR Legend From Racing For 12 Months | Country Music Videos

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After pleading guilty to several reckless driving offenses, this NASCAR racing legend and motorsport performer has been indefinitely suspended from racing in the country and a judge has banned him from racing in the district for 12 months. 

Taking to one of the busiest streets in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, one of the biggest names in motorsports, Robby Gordon, performed a stunt that stopped traffic and may have cost him the ability to race in Australia again.

Gordon spun several donuts in the middle of Mitchell Street, which is one of the most-trafficked streets in Darwin’s Central Business District, according to ABC 9 Darwin. Just after finishing his Super Truck competition this weekend, police were waiting for him. They seized his vehicle and cited him under anti-hooning legislation.

“Hooning” is a term used in Australia and New Zealand that refers to someone engaging in loutish, anti-social behaviors, and in particular – driving in a reckless or publicly disrespectful manner. 

Speaking to ABC 9 Darwin, Gordon explained the situation from his point of view, saying, “We had a truck on display, I asked the two security guards, ‘Hey, you think I could flip a couple of doughies?’ They said, ‘I don’t care’.” 

“I think I did two doughnuts … not to make excuses, but maybe less than five kilometers an hour,” he added.“Obviously the wheels were faster than that, but I did two doughnuts and put it back on the trailer.”

But even though some cities welcome motorsport performances like that, Darwin and the Northern Territory judge presiding over the case do not share that sentiment. 

“It’s one of the busiest streets in Darwin, I don’t believe the professional driving skills are an excuse,” Judge Richard Coats said, admonishing Gordon. “I wish I could take away your professional license, but unfortunately I don’t have the power to do that.” 

The racing authority in Australia, known as CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) has revoked his ability to race competitively in the country based on the charges and judge’s decision. It remains to be seen if they will lift the ban in the future. 

Watch the full report from ABC 9 News Darwin below. 

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