As Julianne sat alone on a dance floor, her bridesmaids came out of the crowd surrounding the bride and began to dance to Sia’s hit song “The Greatest.” The routine was Julianne’s favorite from the Move Beyond dance tour, a tour that she and her brother Derek shared. The 29-year old bride’s excitement was apparent from the moment the ladies hit the dance floor as she bounced in her seat and kicked her legs, unable to stay still. 

The unique choreography was created by Kyle Hanagami, and it was Kyle who shared the video on Instagram a few days ago. According to Hanagami, one of Julianne’s bridesmaids and best friends, Kristy Sowin, asked him to teach the routine to the group so they could surprise the bride. 

‘I was standing right behind Jules watching the performance so I didn’t get to see her expression until now and it just makes me smile nonstop,’ Kyle said in his Instagram post.

‘There’s absolutely nothing like watching pure happiness. And to think… only one person tripped during the whole dance!’ he joked.  

Sowin also shared the video on social media saying, ”
I typically can’t keep a gift or surprise to myself to save my life, and any form of attention gives me anxiety, but I knew it would mean the world to my best friend on her wedding day. Which is why the best part of this video is to just watch Jules completely lose it!”

We agree that the best part of the video is Julianne’s pure joy over watching her friends dance. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!