Justin Moore Breaks Down At Concert

Justin Moore Breaks Down At Concert | Country Music Videos



Country music artist Justin Moore broke down into tears at a hometown show while thanking his fans for their never ending support that has allowed him to achieve his dreams. 

Moore brought his wife and children up onto stage with him to help him express his undying gratitude towards each and every person in the crowd. The country star talks about growing up in such a small town like his in Poyen, Arkansas, and that finding the amount of success he has is “unfathomable.”

“I moved to Nashville when I was 18 years old,” says Moore. “I moved there thinking that maybe one day I’ll get one song on the radio. I never had any idea that I would come back here almost a decade later doing this. I really didn’t.”

The “You Look Like I Need a Drink” singer grew up in a town with a population of under 300 people and has recently found success on a monumental level with his music being heard on an international level. The star urges his fans to go out and pursue their dreams, because if a small town boy like him can do it, anyone can.

“If you want to do something, go do it because you can,” Moore says through tears. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t matter if you come from some tiny town in south Arkansas. You can do it. You’ve made all my dreams come true.”

The family man then goes on to talk about how his fans have also made the dreams of his three daughters (that they don’t even realize they have yet) come true. Moore wipes away his tears before his performance of his hit single “Small Town USA,” which narrates all the things Moore loves about growing up in his personal small town.  

You can watch Moore’s touching speech in the video below. 

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