Keith Urban’s Moving New Single Inspired By His Late Father

Keith Urban’s Moving New Single Inspired By His Late Father | Country Music Videos


The alluring “Somebody Like You” singer has just released a new single and while this song is missing Keith Urban‘s key musical components that make his music so identifiable, its the songs simplicity that is enticing fans! The song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”, is one of thirteen songs on Urban’s newly released album, Ripcord, that Urban called an “experiment” in light of the various artists he collaborated with to bring this compilation to life. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Urban dissected his musical process and uses an exceptionally creative sandbox analogy to give his explanation a more simplistic approach. 

“The studio to me is just like a fantastic sandbox. And I may get in there and have this specific idea to build this kind of sandcastle, and it’s going to look like this and be like that. But then you get in there and you start playing with other kids in this sandbox… And something completely different comes from it,” Urban says.

Urban goes on to tell of his love for Steve Miller recordings, “The Joker” being a particular favorite. 

“Quite literally, we were just fully inspired to cop that guitar sound from “The Joker” and use that as the solo sound for that song”, Urban admits. 

While Steve Miller’s sound tends to be very simple and straight-froward, Urban said it’s the minimalist sound that actually requires a larger amount of skill and effort. 

“They were hard records to make,’ because minimalism is really hard. It’s easy to layer things in, but to keep things really stripped down — and still make them intriguing, sonically — is a challenge.

But we are very grateful that they humbly chose to take this challenge head on and produce such a raw and seemingly effortless song. Urban openly states that his father, who unfortunately passed away near the end of last year, influenced this song, as reported by The Boot

Take a listen to Urban’s new sound and tell us what you think! 

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