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Kip Moore Exposes The Heartbreaking Truth About Children & Racism

Modern country Songs | Kip Moore Exposes The Heartbreaking Truth About Children & Racism | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: Kristen Barlowe

The country star discusses how he was raised in southern Georgia and how racism is taught rather than being a naturally-born perception. 

35-year-old singer/songwriter Kip Moore has had enough of people judging, treating, and behaving toward their fellow humans simply because their skin color is different. He wasn't raised like that, and he has set out to educate current and future parents to raise their children without racism. 

"I grew up in a family where we were taught to love plain and simple," Moore writes in a post on social media. "I had a mom and dad that would've kicked my ass if I used a derogatory term to describe another person of color."

Although he was raised that way, as time went on he realized that his upbringing was more rare than he'd believed it to be...

"As I got older, I looked around realizing what a rare thing [my childhood] was," He continued. "There was hate from both sides. People were raised to dislike me for the color of my skin and some of the white kids were taught to  dislike others for the color of their skin...."

"It's a poisonous cycle that may never end but I sure pray it does."

Hate and racism has been flooding the media as of late, with the stated goal of bringing awareness in a time of connected devices and more access to media. But, Moore clarifies that sometimes the media isn't out to spread love as much as they try to.

Moore says that he believes "the media will always pit us against each other" and says that they're only capitalizing on the bad, the evil, and the hatred - leaving out the many peaceful and positive messages happening in our communities, finishing with a very direct statement. "It's all about the Benjamin's people."

Through this, Moore is aiming to spread the message of stopping the cycle of racism through a very uplifting and heartwarming video. His message is to "Be The Change" and end the cycle of racism by teaching our kids to love and not hate. 

Watch Kip Moore's beautiful video below and his full social media post.

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