Man Starts Playing Flute For Horses & They Stop To Listen

Man Starts Playing Flute For Horses & They Stop To Listen | Country Music Videos


We all know that music has the power to bring people together. Apparently, the same is true for animals as well. 

There’s a group of horses at the Animu Luce horse farm in Belgium that definitely appreciate good music. This is something that Michael Telapary discovered when he started playing one fascinating instrument for them.

Telpary decided to play his native-style contrabass flute for the horses to see how they would react. The contrabass flute is a rare member of the flute family, and only few people are able to play it well. It’s clear that Telpary is one of those people!

Before he started playing, Telpary explained that he had tried playing the flute for the horses before, but that he was playing it too high. They weren’t big fans of the high notes, so Telpary decided to play something a bit lower to see if they’d like that more.

We bet Telpary never expected how the horses would respond to his playing! He started off standing in the middle of their pen, and was instantly approached by one of the beautiful horses. The horse stood just inches away from the flute, staring at Telpary in a completely mesmerized state.

Telpary continued to move around the pen, playing for all of the horses inside. Each horse’s reaction was the same…they were all captivated by Telpary’s playing and the sound of the flute.

This has to be one of the most peaceful videos that we’ve ever seen. Scroll down below to see Telpary work his musical magic on these magnificent creatures.

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