Missy Robertson Details The ‘Dangerous And Life-Threatening’ Situation Her Family Was In

Missy Robertson Details The ‘Dangerous And Life-Threatening’ Situation Her Family Was In | Country Music Videos

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A little more than two weeks ago, Jase and Missy Robertson took their children Reed, Cole, Mia, and Reed’s fiancé Brighton on vacation to Utah and well, it was an adventure!

No one in their family had ever been to Utah before so when they decided to hike in Zion National Park, they decided to stick to a plan. They followed signs to the park, to get on the tram and looked at a map to decide what exactly they wanted to see.

The Robertsons (and one future Robertson) did all the right things until they wanted to make their trip “more adventurous” by getting off the tram one stop early and hiking to their destination.

After some disagreement and bad leadership, the family of six trekked two miles uphill to try and find their original tram stop. Once they realized they found their way, Missy was so relieved. The next few hours, they spent just exploring the area. While their first day at Zion National Park ended up okay, Missy knew she didn’t want to make the same mistakes the next time, so she vowed to be prepared.

The only problem was, there was a high probability of thunderstorms, which made the hike they were planning on taking, very dangerous.

They were instructed that they “needed to turn around at Noon and head back, no matter what. If the water starts rising inside the canyon, there is no where to go to escape and it could be very dangerous and life-threatening.”

What made Missy more anxious, was the guide telling them, “When you get to the fork a few miles in, stay to the right. Most of the deaths occur to the left.”

Despite the dangerous weather, the Robertsons embarked on the trek with matching hiking shoes, neoprene socks, walking sticks and were equipped with full water bottles and backpacks full of sandwiches and sunscreen. 

The clan walked through waters as high as their knees. In some places, it was chest-high, Missy writes in her blog. She called the hike that day, “one of the most challenging things [she’s] ever done and the reward was greater that [she] ever expected.”

We are so happy they were well-prepared for that scary day, especially when the guides were warning them about the dangerous and life-threatening weather.

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