Nashville’ Creator Reveals NEW Details About The Show’s Future

Nashville’ Creator Reveals NEW Details About The Show’s Future | Country Music Videos



Now that Nashville is officially back for its fifth season, everyone wants to know the scoop – including us!

Creator Callie Khouri spoke about the show’s future at the Tennessee Screenwriting Association seminar on Saturday (June 25).

While she said she won’t be revealing any spoilers, like if Juliette Barnes survived that plane crash, she did, however, talk about how excited she is for Nashville’s new beginning on CMT.

She’s hired a new writing staff, which makes her more excited than ever to continue telling these character’s stories. 

“They are very interested in telling the same kinds of stories that I am, which is more emotional but less soapy,” she said. “You still have to have things that hook you emotionally. People have to feel involved.”

The show’s new home, CMT, is looking like it will be a perfect fit, after all it does stand for Country Music Television. 

Her goal for Season 5 is to tackle some real issues in the music industry. With the new and very large presence of streaming websites such as Spotify and Pandora, the music industry is ultimately suffering.

“One thing I would like to deal with is the collapse of the music business and just how hard it is,” she said. “This stuff is really hard. You can’t just put out a record and suddenly it’s No. 1 and all of a sudden they’re big stars. That’s not how it happens. So, I think we are going to deal more with the struggle of it. I think that’s a truer representation of what’s really going on. And I think the public should be aware of the fact that what’s common practice out in the universe paying for Spotify or Pandora is bankrupting the music industry.”

While Khouri wants to bring the truth forward about the music industry, she wants everyone to know, these character’s stories are just that – stories. They are not based on any person or musician or group in the music industry.

Are you excited about Season 5?! Do you think Juliette will survive her plane crash?

Take a look at one of the fan favorite songs from the show, Be My Girl”, below.

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