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Natalie Maines Slams President Trump Over 'Un-American' Political Move

Natalie maines Songs | Natalie Maines Slams President Trump Over 'Un-American' Political Move | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: AP

One-third of the Dixie Chicks trio is voicing her discontent with the current, and relatively new, President in office, clearly showing she is nowhere near ready to make nice! Natalie Maines remained heard throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign and well beyond, tweeting out post-election and expressing her anguish in the outcome. 

However, the singer is far from quieting her unease, as her Twitter page has continued to be a wall of political upheaval and jokes of a "4 year non stop drinking binge" to get through the current Presidential term. In light of the recent decision by President Trump to ban immigrating refugees from 7 different countries, Maines quickly became a whirlwind of protesting words and Trump-mocking images. 

Maines kicked off her rant with a public apology in which she refers to President Trump as a "hateful President", continuing on to call his actions "un-American". 

After following her tweet with a series of photos intended to taunt the President, Maines assured her fans that she has contacted authorities and informed them of a 5150, the penal code for involuntary commitment to a mental hospital, while directing said authorities to the address of the White House. "They're on their way," Maines cheekily assured her followers.  

While the majority of responses seemed to be in the singer's support, various readers were more than displeased with Maines' expressions.

Do you agree with her? Are you in favor of her tweets? 

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