Natalie Maines Slams President Trump With Scathing Message Of ‘Hate’

Natalie Maines Slams President Trump With Scathing Message Of ‘Hate’ | Country Music Videos

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One-third of country music group The Dixie Chicks had quite the rant turned desperate plea on Twitter when her angry messages to President Donald Trump quickly transitioned into a “beg” for America. Natalie Maines was avidly tweeting her opinions, sharply attacking President Trump for eliciting the worst of her character.

“Do you ever feel like you can’t escape the person that brings out the worst in you? [Donald Trump] you’re mine and I hate you for it,” she boldly wrote. Her subsequent tweet took a more emotional approach as she announced her desperation for President Trump to care about all races, genders, and lifestyles, unleashing a string of emotional opinions and rants.




The singer closed her updates with a hopeful,Just do right by human beings. If you take $$ out of the equation, the same basic things bring every human happiness,” attempting to convey her concern for the current presidency and society.



Maines has maintained her outspoken nature both throughout the presidential election and into the presidency, expressing her discontent with Trump and his values. The singer has continued to feed her Twitter account with Trump related content, either using her platform to slam the President or attempt to convey her opinions.

What do you think of her objections and counter arguments?  

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