Reba Slams Golden Buzzer For Adrenaline-Pumping Act

Reba Slams Golden Buzzer For Adrenaline-Pumping Act | Country Music Videos

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After a nail-biting performance, it’s clear this country star has an eye for talent.

Taking a seat at the judge’s panel as a guest judge, Reba McEntire joins Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel for one of the most exciting episodes of America’s Got Talent yet!

After seeing various acts come across the stage like a bodybuilder singer, a teenage female rap artist, and others, Reba was blown away by 14-year-old  Sofie Dossi and her incredible talent.

Dressed in a sparkling golden body suit, the young lady brought her best to the stage when she began her contortionist act and almost all of the judges were on the edge of their seats throughout her entire performance.

At one point, Dossi hangs herself from a suspended ring by only using her neck while she spins in the air with no safety nets present, whatsoever.

From that, she moves into much more advanced feats like suspending upside down from the spinning ring and transferring to a rotating pedestal below where the rest of her act continued to dazzle everyone. (We won’t spoil it all for you!)

Needless to say, each judge had nothing but praise for the teen, but when it came to Reba critiquing her: she was speechless!

“I think actions speak louder than words,” Reba said plainly, slamming her hand down on the coveted golden buzzer!

Reba ran to the stage to give Dossi a well-deserved hug and congratulate her.

Watch this incredible moment from America’s Got Talent in the video below!

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