Ronnie Dunn SHOCKS With Fiery New Political Rant

Ronnie Dunn SHOCKS With Fiery New Political Rant | Country Music Videos

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Following the mass shooting that took place in Orlando on June 12, country music stars responded to the tragedy on social media. One artist who generated a lot of attention with his reaction was Ronnie Dunn, one half of the iconic country duo, Brooks & Dunn

The day of the shooting, President Obama spoke to the nation at a press conference, during which he also made a call for stricter gun laws. President Obama is an outspoken supporter of gun control, while Dunn is on the opposite side of the fence. Dunn made his views on gun control clear in a post he shared to social media following President Obama’s speech.

Dunn’s post has since gained national attention, after he called President Obama’s speech “unbelievable.”

But Dunn didn’t stop there. In a new post he shared on Wednesday (June 22), Dunn expressed his concern over the direction he sees the country heading. Citing writer Saul Alinksy’s words about the eight rules that lead to the creation of a social state, Dunn argued that all of these rules are in place in America today.

Some of the rules include increasing the poverty level, removing religion from schools, and initiating gun control. 

Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?” he wrote.

Dunn followed up his post with two comments, writing the reason more people don’t realize these things are going on is because they are “uninformed.” 

On a less fiery note, Dunn mentioned the late Merle Haggard, saying that we need the country legend to write a song about the issues Dunn discussed.

Dunn’s posts were met with an overwhelming sense of support. While many people agreed with the sentiments Dunn expressed in his posts, how about you? What do you think of what Dunn had to say in his most recent politically-charged post on social media? 

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