Rory Feek Achieves Longtime Dream

Rory Feek Achieves Longtime Dream | Country Music Videos

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Anyone who has read Rory Feek’s blog, This Life I Live, knows that he has a great talent for writing. All throughout Joey’s cancer battle, Rory shared their moments of joy, sadness, and everything in between on the blog, in hopes their fans could find some sort of inspiration in Joey’s strength and love for her faith. 

Before long, Rory found himself writing to a larger audience than he ever imagined, as thousands of people browsed through his blog to read the latest update on Joey. The almost poetic way in which Rory described their life events, both past and present, drew people in, and prompted many to ask the same question…”Are you going to write a book?

As Rory shares in a new blog post, titled From Blog to Book, he’s been encouraged by many to write a book. Well now, as Rory revealed through his blog, he is doing just that, and as a matter of fact, the book is nearly finished.

Rory reveals that he had the desire to write a book long before Joey got cancer, and even had a couple of meetings with an agent at a publishing house about it. But he eventually got turned away because the agent felt he wasn’t famous enough. 

Still, Joey always believed that the opportunity would come around again. In 2014, Rory started his blog with the intention of writing about their simplified lifestyle and their baby girl, Indiana. But after Joey was diagnosed with cancer, his blog took a different direction than he ever expected.

“But through it all, I kept writing,” he said. “And Joey kept smiling and believing.  Even when it hurt.

Joey + Rory‘s story eventually caught enough attention that the agents came to Rory. After he spoke to one publishing company in February, he came to Joey to talk about it, and she looked up at him and smiled:

“‘…see, I told you so’ Rory recalls Joey as saying. ‘You were born to do this.’ My eyes began to well up with tears. She knew what I was thinking…’I may have been born to do this…but why do you have to die to make it happen? She just kept holding tight to my hand and smiling and saying, ‘His will honey, not ours.’

Rory revealed his book is now in the editing phase, and that it will cover “so much more” than Joey’s cancer battle or even their marriage. It will be about Rory’s life, and how his faith and his love for Joey helped him become the man he is today.

In closing, Rory shared an image which appears to be the cover art for his upcoming book, which he says is set for release on Valentine’s Day 2017. 

Photo Credit: Rory Feek/This Life I Live

We’re sure Joey’s smiling down on Rory right now. We can’t wait to read his book to learn more about him and his incredible love story with Joey.

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