Sadie Robertson Admits She Was A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend

Sadie Robertson Admits She Was A ‘Crazy’ Girlfriend | Country Music Videos



With Sadie Robertson‘s fame, all of her relationships are put under a microscope.

Just a few months ago, she was dating Blake Coward and during every interview, reporters would ask her when they were going to get married and have kids, even though she was only 18-years-old at the time!

Shortly after those interviews, Blake and Sadie broke up after over two years together. Neither party ever announced the reasoning behind it, but Robertson did address the breakup in an emotional YouTube video.

Besides that, she has stayed quiet, but in a new YouTube video with her friend Brighton, who just happens to be her cousin Reed’s fiancé, they talk about jumping on the “Crazy Train” while in relationships.

“I bet every girl in the world can relate to this. I bet every girl has done something like this before,” Sadie says.

“Have you ever looked over your boyfriend’s shoulder to see who he’s texting?” Brighton asked.

Both girls raised their hands.

“Have you ever called a boy like 500 million thousand times because he wouldn’t answer the first time?” Sadie asks as she raises her hand.

“If you’ve never done that, you’re lyin’ to yourself,” she says. “Or you are a really good person because that’s impressive.”

Sadie proves, once again, that she is no different than any other “crazy” girlfriend, because let’s be honest, we’ve all been a little crazy at some point!

Watch their full video below to see how they got off the “Crazy Train”.

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