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Sadie Robertson Gets Emotional Talking About Her Painful Past

Sadie robertson Songs | Sadie Robertson Gets Emotional Talking About Her Painful Past | Country Music Videos
Photo credit: YouTube/Sadie Robertson

Duck Dynasty starlet Sadie Robertson recently announced that she will be starting a 10-week Live Original YouTube series.

Every Tuesday, she will be posting a video on her YouTube channel, as well as a blog on her official app. In her first video of the series, she recapped the last couple weeks of her life, which included moving to Nashville, Tennessee.

She also talked about the different tour stops she has been making while she's touring with Winter Jam, which is a Christian experience filled with music, speakers, and worship.

Before she went on stage one night, she felt overcome with emotion and decided to film a video to include in her YouTube series. She spoke about a story in the Bible where a group of people were in a boat during a terrible storm and God told them to stay strong because they would make it, but their boat would not.

They asked Him, "How are we going to survive without our boat? It's impossible!" God just reassured them that they would live, but their boat would not, which made Sadie realize this story pertained to her life in a big way. 

"I was in this really bad time in my life, very painful. And coming from that and hiding that in my heart, I would pray for my future. I would pray for things to get better and I don't know, I would pray for the future, but I never stopped to pray for the healing of my hurt in the past," she said with tears forming.

"And now, I have this future, but I have this past, and that hurt is catching up to it because I didn't deal with it," she continued. "I'm gonna be okay because God is good and God is faithful, and I'm gonna be okay, but maybe some of that didn't make it along the way. Because I didn't necessarily let it all go. I'm glad that I see it now. To walk with the Spirit in peace, you have to be willing to let it all go and I was not willing to do that."

We're sure a lot of you can relate to what Sadie is saying. When you go through something incredibly painful, you just want the pain to go away, and in thinking that way, sometimes you don't really deal with healing from that pain.

We had no clue that Sadie was struggling with this, and we will pray for her healing process. 

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