Sadie Robertson Receives Backlash On Social Media – Find Out Why

Sadie Robertson Receives Backlash On Social Media – Find Out Why | Country Music Videos



Sadie Robertson is living life and having fun. Maybe too much fun, according to some social media users.

In a recent Instagram post, Robertson shared a video of herself driving her car with a friend in the passenger seat. In the caption, Robertson explained that they were embarking on a 7-hour road trip.

Like any road trip, they were blasting the tunes and singing along while they drove, but it was their dancing that angered Robertson’s fans.

While some fans commented on the video tagging their best friends saying, “Can we do this?!” or “This is us,” others were appalled by her behavior behind the wheel. 

“Glad that y’all had fun and are safe. But seeing you drive with eyes closed and no hands not only makes me extremely nervous, it’s s bad influence on your followers,” one user wrote.

Another, whose son passed away in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, also shared her two cents. “As a mother of a dead 18 year old son (from a strangers distracted driving) this breaks my heart. My son was on his way to preach….he was one of the good kids. Cars are dangerous weapons and driving should be treated with respect.

Hundreds of comments flooded her Instagram. Below are just a few.

Hope no one is on the road. Very unsafe driving on their part.

Sad to see all these young girls commenting that they can’t wait to drive so they can do the same reckless things. Please pay attention while driving. Have a dance party out of the car!

A perfect example of why children are killed across this nation daily. Mindless, immature behavior while driving. Shame on u Sadie.

Disappointed this video is still up. Disappointed no statement has been released. Disappointed the mom has said nothing about it. Yet there are hundreds of posts of kids saying they can’t wait to do this same thing. I know people who have died while driving and others who have been killed by reckless drivers and this is unacceptable to me. Unfollowing.

Most of these comments are from angry moms, but quite a few are from girls who look up to her. 

What do you think about the video? Watch it below.

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