Sadie Robertson Makes Shocking Announcement – I Can’t Believe This!

Sadie Robertson Makes Shocking Announcement – I Can’t Believe This! | Country Music Videos



Over the past couple years, Sadie Robertson has solidified herself as a role model for young girls.

In 2014, she released Live Original, her book about her values, her family, and her outlook on life. The book also inspired a tour, which included several sold-out shows.

Now, this wasn’t your average tour. Yes, there was music involved, but it was mainly about Sadie, her family, and friends sharing their stories of following Christ and inspiring others to do the same.

Since then, her social media following has grown exponentially and she has started her own YouTube channel to bring her voice to the public, but in a more private setting.

Sadie is starting to realize her role model status for young girls, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t think twice about it.

She recently sat down with Behind The Velvet Rope to discuss her new fictional novel, Life Just Got Real, and talked about overcoming her fears of being a role model.

“For the people that follow me know that I have a tattoo that says ‘Fearless’ because that is something I went through,” she says. “I was scared [of being a role model] because it is hard. People are looking at you, people are gonna comment about you, there’s gonna be negative things out there about you.”

The reason she’s become a fearless about her being a role model is because she keeps reminding herself why she does what she does.

You have to just remember why you’re doing it,” she continues, “I’m a voice that a lot of girls get to look up to. I’ve talked about so many things that people have been able to relate to, so it’s all worth it at end of the day.

We love Sadie for saying this and we totally agree! She is an amazing role model to young girls and even adults! 

Watch her full interview below.

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